Gerald “Hurricane” Harris sets his sights on The Ultimate Fighter 25 “All-Stars”


Gerald "Hurricane" Harris sets his sights on The Ultimate Fighter 25 "All-Stars"


gerald-harrisGerald "Hurricane" Harris is no stranger to the UFC Octagon and is rallying to get on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. UFC is currently targeting a group of “All-Stars” to compete on the show, including UFC veterans and former contestants on previous editions of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

Gerald Harris was a contestant on Season 7 of "The Ultimate Fighter" and then later joined the UFC and went 3-1 before being released. "Hurricane" has went 7-2 since being released and retired from the sport in 2014. He decided to come out of retirement and will be facing off with Aaron Cobb at Legacy Fights 63 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

MMAMahouse: Why did you decide to come out of retirement?

Gerald Harris: "People tend to forget that sports is more mental than anything. I just wasn’t in a good place in my life and fighting was not a priority. I was going through a very difficult divorce, custody battle, and other things so I chose to focus on my life and retire on a good note. I had just beat a great fighter, but in the back of my mind I was thinking about my kids and court. So it was a safe move, I am happily re-married now with a beautiful little girl on the way (March) and my children are a huge part of my life more than ever." How excited are you to get back in the cage?

Gerald Harris: "I’ve actually never been excited to get into the cage – I just like to go out there and get it over with. Fighting is the easy part, it’s the training that sucks. My training schedule is insane along with the fact that I’m a high school teacher, wrestling coach, gym owner, comedian, and father of 6 children."

MMAMadhouse: Why have you set your sights on The Ultimate Fighter show?

Gerald Harris: I have my sights set on the UFC, some people may call it a bad move but I consider myself to be a UFC fighter. I made it to TUF 7 with only 1 year of training in my garage on a heavy bag and a few months of sparring. I am 10 years older, smarter, and determined. My second run in the UFC was great but even then I had only been boxing for 2 years. I can only imagine how well I will do with this 3rd opportunity. The sport has evolved a lot, so I don’t slam people like I used to but it’s always in my play book.

MMAMadhouse: Why go on the show instead of just being signed by the organization?

Gerald Harris: It’s a been there done that type of thing. The first time I went I was completely clueless, I actually thought I had “made it”. I both of my jobs, moved my family out of the apartments and in with my mother expecting to come home with fame and $100,000 contract. I came home broke with torn ligaments in my knee and severely scratched cornea. I was so down, then I got cut soon after the show aired, so no finale fight. I told them I was going to go knockout every ex UFC fighter until they took me back and I finally got that opportunity with a quick KO over Nissen Osterneck. So, it’s not about getting in – it’s about staying in and I will take whatever route I have to take.

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