King Of The Cage: Undeniable Results


King Of The Cage: Undeniable Results 



Results provided by @BOSSLADYMMA
1. Joy Balsbaugh Edewards vs Anna Chouinard - Joy Balsbaugh Edewards defeats Anna Chouinard by submission in round 2

2. Manny Arizmendi vs Nathan Noble - Nathan Noble defeats Manny Arizmendi in 15 seconds by KO round 1

3. Maria Corona vs Lisa Spangler -  Lisa TheStrangler Spangler defeats Maria Corona by split decision

4. Bryan Walters vs Monti Wilson - Monti Wilson defeats Bryan Walters...stopped between 2nd and 3rd round. Doctor called it due to rib bone break on Walters

5. Cass Bell vs Abdul Kamara - Cass Bell defeats Abdul Kamara by unanimous decision

6. Justin Ellis vs Mike Sandoe - Justin Ellis defeats Mike Sandoe by unanimous decision

7. Jay Jackson vs Jake Smith - Jake Smith defeats Jay Jackson by split decision

8. David Evans vs Ben Egli - Ben Egli defeats David Evans by head kick KO at :56 of round 1

9. Cheryl Chan vs Glena Avila - Glena Avila defeats Cheryl Chan by unanimous decision



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