Ronda Rousey vs. Opinion (Chris Gregory)


Ronda Rousey vs. Opinion (Chris Gregory)


4Ronda Rousey has been very successful throughout her MMA career and is coming off a huge loss and her only loss in her career to Holly Holm. Ronda Rousey has taken over a year off and the question remains "has she been training for that whole year or sitting back eating Bon Bons?".

In her past fights it always looked like Rousey would get in her opponents heads before the fight and now we are questioning if she is mentally ready for the fight tonight with Amanda Nunes. She has not done any media leading up to UFC 207 and has stayed far away from the cameras because she simply wants her belt back and wants to get back on track without any distractions.

Even if she is mentally ready she still has Amanda Nunes standing across from her tonight and it may be an uphill battle trying to get the UFC Women's Bantamweight title back around her waist. Whether you want to see her lose or see her win fans should be excited that she is back because she is a staple in Women's MMA. I'm no shrink but the mental part of the game is huge in this sport and as long as she is mentally ready I see this being one of the best fights the UFC has put together even though it might not be the greatest comeback fight for Rousey.

Chris Gregory


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