Scrap Soldier Fight Gear & Clothing and MMAmadhouse are teaming up in 2015


MMAmadhouse is proud to announce that Scrap Soldier Fight Gear & Clothing will be joining Team 181697_189513551088359_3181286_nMMAmadhouse in 2015. A few years back Scrap Soldier Fight Gear & Clothing had stepped up to sponsor our affiliate website, which is run by Chris Gregory. Gregory is also a Blackout Fighting Championships  match maker and has worked hard for the last two years to  unite, Scrap Soldier and Blackout together. We are excited by the positive initial response we've seen from the fighters, managers, promoters and fans.  Much like, Scrap Soldiers Clothing has been a huge supporter of the local MMA scene. They have sponsored both amateur and professional fighters in every corner of the world; always upholding their standards of excellence and never forgetting their roots. .  The company motto “WORN BY CHAMPIONS FOR A REASON" perfectly sums up the brand and what they stand for.

In 2015 we plan on taking the local MMA scene to a whole new level. Look for more news coming on Scrap Soldier Fight Gear & Clothing sponsored fighters, events they sponsor, new products, contest and cool gives aways.

Scrap Soldier Fight Gear & Clothing Bio:

Started 2010 and owned by a former US Marine

Secondary Brands: Who U Reppin
Tag Line: "Worn by Champions for a Reason"
Represented States: California, Oklahoma, Kansas, MO, AR, OR, WI, MI, MN, TX, TN, FL, CO, AZ.
Represented Countries: USA, Brazil, Canada, Singapore
Over 150 Sponsored Fighters, in BJJ, MMA and Boxing
Organizations team fighters fight in: Bellator, OneFC, MFC, XFC, Titan, BFC, RITC, Cage Wars, Xplode Fighting Series, and countless other shows.

Shorts: MMA, Thai Boxing, Boxing, Vale Tudo
Gloves: MMA, Boxing, Striking/Grappling (Leather)
Head Gear (Leather)
Shin Guards
T Shirts
Hats: Trucker & Beanies

Gyms we are co-branding with: OMA - Oklahoma Martial Arts Academy & Valley Heights, Team Xplode

Shows we sponsored in 2014: Blackout Fighting Championship in MO
& Cage Wars in CO.

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  1. We are honored to be part of the Team in 2015. There are a lot of good things coming because of the newly formed partnership.
  2. @CarlTheMadman
    Very excited to have your team on board

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