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CHASM ELITE 3 TEXAS BATTLEGROUNDS  Christian Anderson defeats Chris Berry via 1st Rd Submission Jeremie Oliver defeats Brody DeForest via 1st Rd KO Derrick Ferguson defeats Marcus Still via UD Naji Vernon defeats Ahmed Shabazz via 3rd Rd TKO Brandon Jimenez defeats Christian Hawkins via 2nd Rd Triangle Choke Fabian Mendex vs. Rob Butler Joshua Easterly defeats Chaz Reed via 1st Rd GNP  ...

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CE2: Rivalries Collide Results

Ahmad Shabazz vs Steve Scott…..Steve Scott wins ko rd 1 1:36 sec over Ahmad Shabazz Mike Duran vs Ade Okusaga. Winner via KO 29sec in to the first rd Ade Okusaga Josh Easterly vs Terrence Hall. Winner via unanimous dec Terrence Hall Jeff Myers vs Xavier Mayberry . Jeff Myers wins via armbar rd one 1:27 Cassius Towns vs Brody Deforest. 29-28 Cassius 29-28 Brody. 29-28 for the winner Cassius Towns unanimous dec Alozo Jordan vs James Bruner. Winner via unanimous dec. Alonzo Jordan CO-MAIN EVENT Marcus Still vs Luis Still. Winner via unanimous dec. 29-28 30-27 Luis Still MAIN EVENT...

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