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Manny Flores: Chasing The Glory

Manny Flores: Chasing The Glory Chasing The Glory     The sport of MMA is one of the fastest rising sports in the history of athletics.  The sport has also evolved not only from a stylistic and application standpoint but from one of the least known standpoints of the sport becoming accessible to urban culture.        For many years, MMA in America has been thought of as a sport that is dominated by the wrestler hybrid boxer from the suburbs.  Of course that is a generalization of the actual case.  Many insiders know better than to think of such stereotypes.  With fight leagues such as The UFC and Bellator being available to more homes for several years now, newer audiences have been drawn to the sport.     This is evident when a young man from hardened streets Mount Vernon by the name of Manny Flores randomly watches UFC late at...

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Manny Flores Interview

Manny Flores Interview Manny Flores Interview By Darryl Satcher Team MMAmadhouse There have been 3 installments of Lou Neglia’s and Artyom Sahakyan’s co-promoted event, Battle of the Millennium. This event has showcased some of the best fighters locally, nationally and even internationally. We have seen young rising stars and hardened veterans in their prime alike display their talents live in front of the Brooklyn faithful at the Master Theatre, which is just a stones throw from Brighton Beach. On May 12th, the aforementioned Master Theatre will be host to the fourth edition of this event. Generally this has been event showcasing Kickboxing, however, in this juncture we will see an added fixture to the card that will feature a lone contested MMA bout between two up and comers in the scene of New York MMA. Manny Flores of Serra Longo fight team will look to...

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ProFC’s Elena Katretskaya: A Russian Trailblazer

ProFC’s Elena Katretskaya: A Russian Trailblazer ProFC’s Elena Katretskaya: A Russian Trailblazer Over the years, We have seen great strides made when it pertains to women succeeding in professional sports.  The United States has become synonymous with creating major platforms for women to show their talents at the highest levels possible.  The best examples would be the growth of women’s basketball on the professional level.  Every summer, The women’s professional league of basketball, the WNBA, has been a staple of American sports since the mid to late 90’s.  Women’s soccer is another example of a platform that was given to women on the professional level. During recent times within Women’s Mixed Martial Arts, we have seen enormous growth in many facets.  Talent, Prestige, Lineage, Star Power, depth… you name it, tremendous strides have been made.  Pioneers like Gina Carano brought the sport to the mainstream,...

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