AFL-14 CANARIAS Results and Photos

Juanma Suárez king of Gran Canaria Arena
"Wasabi", Nuñez and Padilla featured stars of the night

Finally came the great day, the most anticipated MMA event of recent years and the most important that has been held in Spain, the AFL-14 Canarias met expectations and converted the Gran Canaria Arena into pure spectacle and excitement. The event, which brought together thousands of people and had the close collaboration and sponsorship of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria through the Insular Institute of Sports and the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, was able to consolidate this international event without doubt as one of the best in Europe.

The Gran Canaria Arena was coming down, with the entry into the cage of Gran Canaria wrestler Juanma Suarez, one of the most prestigious and respected AFL participants in our country., Which was played the title of champion against UFC Erick Perry Montaño. Very comfortable and demonstrating an incredible physical form, the fighter of Taz Jinámar controlled his rival, who, nevertheless, managed to fit him some blows in the second round. Equal match in which was the main fight of the night. In the fourth round the Mexican began to accuse fatigue and to make mistakes. Juanma kept his strength for the fifth and final assault. Both came to the end with options, any could have been proclaimed winner, but it was Juanma Suarez was again champion of the AFL.

The audience with the UFC Enrique Marín Wasabi, who saw the faces with Yuki Yamasaki, prestigious fighter of the Japan event, Pancrase, had few options against the Sevillian. The UFC took the weight of the fight from the beginning, with very direct blows to the face of the Japanese, which made a dent in the second round. Yamasaki showed resistance as a good boxer, but Wasabi's punches kept coming. The physical preparation of the Japanese was key to hold during the first two rounds the unstoppable force of the Sevillian. From his corner, yes, Yamasaki ended the fight, giving the victory by technical KO to Enrique Marín Wasabi.

Incredible victory of the grancanario Gerardo Núñez, against a whole UFC, the veteran Igor Araujo, in the first assault. The Black Lion Team knocked out his opponent in just a few minutes and jumped out of the cage as soon as he won to merge into an emotional hug with his in the stands.

Extraordinary victory by submissión in the first assault of the UFC Jonathan Ortega against the Brazilian Thiago Martins, of the team 7 Islands Jiujitsu, of Gran Canaria. Igualadaísima fight, in which both offered a great spectacle and that, nevertheless, was aimed the Chilean, that thus annotates the ninth victory of its race.


One of the big surprises of the night was the Taz Jinámar fighter Lionel Padilla, who hardly left options to the former UFC Hermes França. From the beginning the grancanario came out with clear ideas to take the initiative at all times. Padilla, who has only one defeat in his career, was looking for his seventh victory against the Brazilian. With nothing to lose, the Taz Jinamar went all out offering a show that put Gran Canaria Arena up against a veteran like França.

The Gran Canaria Arena came down when the historic Kick Boxing, Rafa del Toro appeared in the hall. Impressive the ovation of the public, which nevertheless remained with the desire to see it in action. Just beginning a bad step of his opponent Jordi Fernández left injured the Catalan knee, which was removed from the cage on a stretcher, giving Rafa the victory by technical KO. I am very sorry for the audience, lamented the Bull. I am eager to demonstrate what I can do in an event as important as this one. I hope I can retaliate soon with a rematch.

Huge physical strength demonstrated the local Zebenzuí Ruiz, who, with only 24 years, did not stop pressing his rival, the Brazilian based in Lisbon, Víctor Marinho. The Taz Jinámar, far from shrinking compared to what is considered the best Bantam weight in his country, achieved an impressive victory by KO in the second round that earned him a great ovation from the public.

A single assault was enough for the local Paco Estévez, to win by technical KO to the Peruvian Jackson Mora. The Taz Academy completed his spectacular performance in the AFL spectacularly. In all of them he has always won in a single round.

KO by submission for the Venezuelan Cisco González who fought against the Colombian living in Gran Canaria, Rogelio González. Very equal dispute for the two, who fought for the second time in the AFL offering very good combat.

The local Dani Requeijo, the Gallego, who faced off against the debutant in the AFL Mikel Mendieta, was much better during the entire match. Requeijo obtained what was his third victory in the AFL by submission, with a very young rival who did not fail to prove his worth.

By unanimous decision of the judges, José Manuel Sepúlveda, of the Taz Lanzarote, took the victory against the local Isidro Sánchez, of the Black Lion Team. Sepulveda carried the full weight of the fight in all three rounds.

In just a few seconds, Joel Álvarez became the ultimate winner of the fight for technical KO against local Kevin Daniel Delgado.

Disputed fight between the Portuguese Jean Claude Caballero and the debutant Alcorac Caballero, who finally took the victory by unanimous decision of the judges.

The three rounds between Lionel Moreno, of the Black Lion Team and Ismael Borrego, of the Guanarteme Struggle Club are very even. Finally, and after concluding with better physical conditions, the victory was for Borrego.

The third match of the event was won by Sebastián Santana, who fought against Néstor Oropesa. Even though Nestor started with the weight of the fight, he ended up accusing the excess of fatigue.

KO by submission for Kevin Cordero in the first round in the bout against Gabriel Brazuka Ruman.

And he fought for technical KO for Jonathan Guerrero in the first round, with a knee that made the rookie Iván Padilla touch the ground.

Seventeen matches and a public devoted to each of the fighters was the result of what has undoubtedly been the best evening of MMA held in Spain.