Aliandre “Chiquinho Mutante” Chaves wins the Arenal Fight Championship belt

Great duels stirred the Arena of the Almeirim Athletic Club in the fifth edition of the AFC - Arenal Fight Championship 5.
The event was held last Saturday, September 16, in the city of Almeirim in the state of Pará.

In the main event fight and featherweight belt dispute (145 lb),
after a fight that led to the delirium of the audience present, Aliandre Chaves Guimarães "Chiquinho Mutante" beat José Fernando da Silva in the unanimous decision of the side judges, thus conquering the featherweight of the organization, see below the complete results.

AFC - Arenal Fight Championship 5
September 16, 2017
Arena Almeirim Atlético Clube
Almeirim, Pará, Brazil

Official Results

Main Fight (Belt Dispute)
Aliandre Chaves Guimarães beat José Fernando da Silva by unanimous decision of the judges
referee: Ionaldo Santos

Anderson "Sparta" defeated Lijasse Marques Ferreira by arm lock at 04:57 of the first round
referee: Roberto Lima

 Benedito Tavares de Medeiros x Gelsivan Martins: draw
referee: Ionaldo Santos

Diego Barroso defeated Wellington Antonio Parente Oliveira by technical knockout (punches and knee) at 03:38 of the first round
referee: Roberto Lima

Gustavo Felipe Nascimento Feitosa defeated Anderson Gomes Vieira won by technical knockout (Socos taken from the set) at 03:04 of the first round
referee: Roberto Lima

Evailson "Shadow" beat Jeivison Pantoja Viegas by finishing with a (knockout) at 03:00 of the second round
referee: Cley Marques

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