Three FCFF Champions Return, One Pro Fight, and the Season Finale Match-Ups of Wimp2Warrior 

Three FCFF Champions Return, One Pro Fight, and the Season Finale Match-Ups of Wimp2Warrior

Rumble @ The Roseland 94 on Saturday, September 30th


On Saturday, September 30th the FCFF returns to Portland for the 94th installment of the signature series: Rumble @ The Roseland. The FCFF is the world's second oldest MMA production company, behind the UFC. Recently, two former FCFF Champions were signed to multi-fight deals with Bellator. The FCFF is Portland's place to watch champions rise. The Saturday, September 30th event features four division Championship fights, one Pro Fight, and the unique season finale match-ups of the "Wimp2Warrior" international reality TV series. Doors open at the Roseland Theater at 6pm, fights begin at 7pm in the 25-foot steel cage, known to fight fans as the Slammer. Tickets start at $29, and buying local at Bridge City Fight Shop means you can skip the Cascade Tickets online processing fee. Follow our Facebook feed for our most current announcements or website at


Rumble @ The Roseland 94's Main Event & Top Fights:


Raymond Hill, the FCFF's 170-pound Welterweight Champion looks to make his first FCFF Title defense at Rumble @ The Roseland 94 on Saturday, September 30th. Hill first became champion at Rumble @ The Roseland 88 in 2016 by taking the belt from Saul Gallegos Ruiz, a much-respected warrior via a round-two TKO. Since, Hill fought in back-to-back events in another organization and claimed the Midtown throwdown championship belt over Aaron Bowles in January. Hill will face Alex Aguilar from Portland Thai Boxing in the FCFF's Slammer. Aguilar has been on a run in 2017, earning three consecutive wins. In May and August he dominated at King of the Cage, earning two wins over Angel Espino and Aaron Bowles. In January, Aguilar won over Sean Clemons at the Midtown Throwdown 10 event. "Raymond Hill impressed the FCFF fans when he took the Title. His level of skill and fitness will carry him into the pro arena soon. However, Alex has had three wins in the past eight months, while Raymond has not had a single fight since January. Alex also beat the same guy Raymond beat to earn the Midtown Throwdown belt. This has to be one of our most exciting match-ups of the year," explained Kevin Keeney, the FCFF's co-owner and matchmaker.


Dominick Abalos is the next Champion returning to the FCFF on September 30th. He is the newly minted 125-pound Champ from Performance Martial Arts in Eugene, Oregon. Abalos has a long MMA resume, but there was one glitch. Abalos had a 20-month break from competition as he entered the slammer at Rumble 93 in July. Abalos didn't miss a beat, as he took  Isiaah Garza's FCFF Title just before the 90 second mark in round-two via a triangle choke submission. Abalos is wasting no time, coming immediately back into the Slammer to face Keaneo Moyer, a flamboyant and talented flyweight who has had numerous competitors back out from scheduled match-ups. Due to those obstacles, the FCFF and the current Champion have no way to truly measure up Moyer's abilities - everything will be revealed on Saturday, September 30th at Rumble @ The Roseland 94.


The FCFF's vacant 205-pound division Title will have a new champion determined on Saturday, September 30th. Two undefeated rising stars will face off: Nick Maximov of Impact JJ and Aaron "Jack Smash" Lopez of Gracie Barra. The stakes are high as both fighters are undefeated and come from rival gyms. Maximov has been plowing down the competition with four, round-one wins since June, impressive by any standards. In August alone he had three wins in just 14 days. On August 5th he beat David Tuikolongahau in under one minute, then he battled Bako Ambonisye on August 11th and secured the submission in just over 90 seconds. Finally, he took on Nick Davis at Beatdown III on August 19th and ended the battle by submission in 39 seconds. "The FCFF is oregon's oldest mma production company and I can tell you that we've never seen anyone have so many fights so quickly. The FCFF is unlike any other and we're excited to see how Nick will measure up to competition in the slammer," explained Keeney. Maximov's competition is known for the infamous arm "snap heard-round the roseland" from Rumble @ The Roseland 87. There, he faced Brandon Lunny and in round-one Lopez isolated Lunny's arm - he should have tapped but didn't and the sound was unforgettable. On paper Lopez earned a round one submission, but it was so much more than that. Lopez was vocal at the FCFF's press conference, and isn't impressed by Maximov's rapid victories thus far.


The FCFF's 185-pound Champion, Eric McConico is also making his way back to the Slammer on Saturday, September 30th to defend his division title. He became the FCFF's Champion in March at Rumble @ The Roseland 91, after submitting Michael Collazo via a round-one guillotine choke. Since then, he's added the Budofights Championship belt to his collection with a win over Trevor Wesley in April, in a hard-fought round-three TKO victory at Budofights 16: Altercation. Previous to his two Title wins, he's had two additional wins in 2016 over Johnny James and Alex Stephens. Stephens was a round-one, ten second knockout. "Eric has proven that he can go the distance or end the fight in seconds. He's very exciting to watch and extremely fit. While he's a stellar champion, we believe that Killian Estes will be his toughest competition to date by far," explains Keeney. Killian Estes comes to the FCFF out of the Trevor Prangley fight club with a undefeated record of 7-0. Estes' last fight was in August at King of the Cage: Next In Line. There he easily overtook Paul Martinez in round one. Earlier in the year, he faced Nick Mills and secured the round-two rear naked choke at King of the Cage: Future Kings. Estes has never allowed a fight to be determined by the judges, every win has come in either round-one or round-two. In 2016, Estes had three TKO wins over Jack Woods, Jonathan Gover, and Shane White Eagle. "My suggestion. Do not blink when it comes to the 185-pound Title fight," shared Heather Standing, the FCFF's Assistant Matchmaker.


The talent in the 185-pound division continues at Rumble @ The Roseland 94. Not only do FCFF fight fans get to see the return of the 185-pound Champion, but they will see a Middleweight Pro Fight between Hank Turner from Art of War and Hamza Salim of Gracie Barra. "Any 185-pounder out there should attend Rumble 94 to see where they stand regionally in this division," says Keeney. Salim started his MMA career with the FCFF back in 2010 at Rumble @ The Roseland 49. He's come a very long way to return as a pro at Rumble @ The Roseland 94. Since his first fight, which was a round-one knockout over Dylan Maia in only 18 seconds, he's had highs-and-lows in his fighting career. As a pro he's even with two wins and two losses. His first pro win was at Prime Fighting 7 over Ardany Mora in May of 2016. Then, he went onto win over Justin Ellis at Knucklehead 15 via a round one TKO. Salim allowed his next two fights to go the distance and came up short. "I know Hamza is going to come into round-one with something explosive planned. He doesn't want to put his faith into the judges," explained Keeney. Turner also has a history in the FCFF as an amatuer fighter at Rumbles 76 and 77 back in 2014. Turner has faced some serious talent, back at Midtown Throwdown 6 in 2015, where he faced the FCFF's former Champ Michael Collazo and won via the judges decision. Turner turned pro in January of 2017 and battled Chris Evans in his debut fight at Midtown Throwdown 10 and took home a satisfying round one TKO victory. His next pro fight was against powerhouse Clayton York at Prime Fighting - Turner came up short and lost via an armbar submission victory. On Saturday, September 30th these pros will be as hungry as ever, as both need a career confirming win at Rumble @ The Roseland 94.

About the FCFF:

The FCFF is Oregon's oldest and most respected mixed martial arts promotions company. It's signature event "Rumble @ The Roseland" was established in 2001 at Roseland theater in downtown Portland. The  FCFF has grown across the state, hosting events from Pendleton, Oregon to the Coast. The FCFF hosted two events on the Oregon Coast: the Battle at the Mountain" series in partnership with Spirit Mountain Casino and the "Caged on the Coast" series with Chinook Winds Casino. The FCFF has been featured countless times across the MMA media landscape including being  called the 'golden gloves of MMA' by Inside MMA, a nationally broadcast commentary sports program. In 2014 the FCFF begun hosting professional MMA fights in addition to matching up the region's top amateurs in tooth-in-nail battles for belts.


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