Tidbits from the Rumble 95 Press Conference

On Saturday, December 2nd the FCFF will pack-the-house at the Roseland Theater for the 95th installment of their signature series: Rumble @ The Roseland. There are five FCFF Title fights scheduled, as well as one 125-pound superfight. Anticipation is high for the 125-pound Flyweight Championship Main event and 145-pound Featherweight Championship co-main event.

Buy Tickets at Bridge City
Buy Tickets at Bridge City

Rumble 95 Fighters Come Together for Press Conference

Portland, OR - Just before Halloween, a number of FCFF fighters came together at Bridge City Fight Shop for a press conference to promote Rumble @ The Roseland 95 on Saturday, December 2nd. Three reporters asked questions to fighters, as well as some questions coming from the FB GO Live broadcast.

Below are some paraphrased highlights pulled from the press conference (not a perfect transcription, not intended to be quotes from the fighters):

Keaneo Moyer, 125lb Champion

Do you think you've silenced the haters? Yes. I wish the [Rumble 94 Title] fight went a little longer, but overall yes.

What is the plan for you? I'm taking it one fight at a time. Just like Dominick, Sean also has an impressive record and it didn't matter.

What is your biggest challenge in the cage? Myself. I'm always testing myself. At every practice, and at every battle. I think I'm the only person that can defeat myself.

Are you concerned about Sean's reach? No I’ve fought and trained with guys who fight at 155 and 170 pounds. I've been training with larger guys since I was 15. I can fight anyone, anytime.

Sean Kalinoski, 125lb Title Contender

Do you plan on standing and striking with Keaneo? Yes.

What about cardio? I plan on fighting smart. If we were competing on sprinting, I’d lose. I've had about 14 fights in two years, I’m ready for the title fight - who else can come with this record that deserves a title shot. I am the best at this weight. This is the first time that I’m fighting at 125-pounds. The odds are in my favor.

What do you bring to the slammer that Keaneo has not seen? I've fought twice in one day and I don’t' think he's faced anybody who has done that before.

Cash Barnes, 145lb Title Contender

You've trained for one year in Thailand. Since you've returned your claim is that you can beat any amateur in the world. Why do you think that? Because I can.

If you win at Rumble 95, will you fight more consistently? Yes, that is the hope. I've had many fighters back out, even the day of. I was supposed to fight at Rumble 94 and no one would fight me.

How is the fight going to go with Yan? I don't see it going to a decision. I see myself winning by the third round.

Can your new nickname be "Cash Me Outside?" No real response.

Is there really a rivalry between Gracie Barra and Impact JJ? No beef between DJ and I. We used to train before and there is no beef between us.

*Yan Kuvaldin, the 145lb Champion was unable to attend the press conference and reply in person to Cash's comments.

DJ Nuttall, 155lb Title Contender

Most of your wins are by submission, are you going to expand for this fight? Chance is very athletic... If he wants to go head kick for head kick, we'll do that, if he wants to wrestle, we'll wrestle... if we get down to the ground, I’ll get the submission.

Jordan Kanewa, Women's 145lb Title Contender

How do you get more women involved in MMA? I try to get lead by example when women enter the gym.

What does this title shot mean to you? I'm extremely excited, for me its more of a mental thing. I'm not worried about cardio, striking, or takedowns. I'm honored to have the shot at the title.

Has your training camp been any different? yes, my teammates are different with sparring and I'm going hard every day.

Veronica Wilson, Women's 145lb Title Contender

How is training with having your husband as your coach? It can be difficult at times. Overall its really good. We have a number of really good coaches out at Animals.

Alex Castaneda, 125lb Superfight Contender

You have an additional fight coming up in November, are you worried about getting injured? No. I'm not worried, he's a warm up. I'm not worried about this guy at all.

What has prepared you for this fight against Isiaah Garza? Once I can masters what happens in the gym and what happens in a fight - no one can beat me. I'm learning based of my past experience, I'll do better.

Josh Scott, featured undercard fighter

Why the absence from fighting? My job requires summer hours and I had a broken wrist in motocross. I'm healthy and ready to go.

Kevin Keeney, Co-owner and Matchmaker

Will the FCFF hit 100 shows in 2018? Yes, we're looking at hitting our 100th show in December of 2018.

SUG 6 Returns on December 3rd

Submission Underground (SUG) is back on Sunday, December 3rd ***LIVE*** at the Roseland Theater in downtown Portland. The main card features Fabiano Scherner and Tim Sylvia. This event is presented by Chael Sonnen along with FloGrappling. Tickets are on sale at www.cascadetickets.com for this all ages, submission only event. Options to watch live on flograppling.com.

The FCFF is Oregon's oldest and most respected mixed martial arts promotions company. It's signature event Rumble @ The Roseland was established in 2001 at Roseland theater in downtown Portland. The FCFF has hosted events across the state, from Pendleton, Oregon to the Coast. The FCFF hosted two events on the Oregon Coast: the Battle at the Mountain series in partnership with Spirit Mountain Casino and the Caged on the Coast" series with Chinook Winds Casino. The FCFF has been featured countless times across the MMA media landscape including being called the 'golden gloves of MMA' by Inside MMA, a nationally broadcast commentary sports program. In 2014 the FCFF begun hosting professional MMA fights in addition to matching up the region's top amateurs in tooth-in-nail battles for belts.

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